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Arthrocentesis (Jaw Joint) Treatments

Arthrocentesis is a treatment method in which the jaw joint is washed with sterile liquid to treat patients with the jaw joint disorders.

Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design is an aesthetic smile design created specifically for a person using digital technologies.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the process of making teeth lighter by a few tones from their own color.

Tooth Extraction – Removal Of Impacted Teeth

The process of tooth extraction is the process of removing the tooth from its socket in the bone. Usually, in cases where treatment is not possible, a dental extraction is resorted to.

Gingival Recession

If the support that surrounds the tooth is in the soft tissues, we call it gingivitis.

Dental Calculus Cleaning

Dental calculus cleaning is the removal of existing plaque and dental calculus on the surface of the teeth, then polishing and cleaning the surfaces of the teeth.

Dental Braces

Braces help the teeth to align on the jaw in the right position.

Filling Treatments

Dental caries, tooth abrasions, fractures, deformities and discolorations are very common problems and can be solved with dental filling treatments.

Fluroid Application

Fluoride application is the application of fluoride to the teeth superficially in the form of varnish or gel.

Fissure Sealant Application

Fissure sealants are protective applications that aim to prevent tooth decay by covering the recesses and pits on the chewing and flat surfaces of the teeth.

Dental Treatments Under General Anesthesia

General anesthesia refers to the temporary loss of consciousness (deep sleep state) in which pain and reflex responses caused by a surgical stimulus are controlled with medications.

Gummy Smile Treatment

If upper gums are revealed more then they should be when talking or laughing, it is called a gummy smile.

Aesthetic Dentistry (Hollywood Smile)

Hollywood Smile, also known as Smile esthetics, is a procedure that we recommend to our patients who want to have teeth like pearls.

Implant Treatment

They are artificial teeth roots in the shape of screws, which replace the lost teeth due to trauma, caries and periodontal diseases.

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment refers to removing the damaged or infected pulp of the tooth, disinfecting and closing it with a filler to keep the tooth in the mouth.

Composite Laminate

Composite laminate technique is hardening natural teeth with LED light without eroding the teeth or making only minimal abrasions and placing the composite suitable for the patient on the tooth surface in small layers to give an aesthetic appearence.

Orthognathic (Jaw) Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is also known as "Jaw surgery" among the public.

Porcelain Veneer

It is the process of covering teeth to protect them with tooth-shaped materials that fill the loss in the surrounding tissues, tooth loss caused by caries or gum disease and injuries due to different reasons.

Clear Aligner

A clear apparatus, or in other words, aligners, one of the methods of treatment without brackets and metal braces, is used to treat problems such as misaligned and crowded teeth and diastemata.

Zirconium Veneers

The process of coating the surface of teeth using the material of zirconium is called zirconium coating.

Dental Treatments Under Sedation

Sedation is referred to putting a patient to a half-asleep state during dental treatments for people who have dentophobia.

Sinus Lift

In patients undergoing dental implant treatment, if the vertical distance required for the implant around the molar and premolar teeth in the upper jaw is not enough, a sinus lift operation is performed to increase bone height.

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