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International Patients

Welcome to the international Patient page of Istanbul Kent University Oral and Dental Healthcare Education Practice and Research Center. Our International Patient Department serves to coordinate the dental care of foreign patients coming from other countries. Our center is at the heart of dental medical tourism and accommodates patients all over the world with its dental treatment and procedures. Every year, thousands of patients travel to Turkey to receive professional services, advanced medical techniques and low-cost treatments. Our center offers highest dental hospital standards. Our patients are assisted by our department in all stages of diagnosis and treatment. Our hospital is 5 minutes' walk from famous Taksim Square, Istanbul.

Our international patient department provides services in the following areas:

  • Free consultation
  • Online consultation with doctors
  • Scheduling appointments
  • Cost estimates
  • Travel arrangement assistance (letters for travel visa)
  • Coordinate admission, discharge and payment at clinic
  • Accommodation assistance for contracted hotels
  • Translation services between doctors and patients (English, Arabic, other languages on request).

For more information about the dental treatment you need, please fill in our contact form, contact us on WhatsApp or dial +90 444 0 987.

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