Tooth Extraction – Removal of Impacted Teeth
Tooth Extraction – Removal of Impacted Teeth
Tooth Extraction – Removal of Impacted Teeth

The process of tooth extraction is the process of removing the tooth from its socket in the bone. Usually, in cases where treatment is not possible, a dental extraction is resorted to. It is a prerequisite that the inside of the mouth is sterile during tooth extraction.

Is It Always Necessary to Remove Wisdom Teeth?

If wisdom teeth need to be removed in impacted tooth extraction, it may be necessary. Some wisdom teeth erupt properly, some erupt horizontally, and some do not erupt, forming cysts where they are located. All these are indications for extracting a wisdom tooth. In such cases, it is necessary to contact the dentist first. If a tooth, which erupts normally, has taken its place in the dental arch, it may not need to be removed.

Is Pain Felt During / After Tooth Extraction?

The tooth extraction process is performed under anesthesia, and you will not feel pain during the operation, but you may have some pain after treatment. Depending on the position of the tooth on the cheek, the formation of swelling varies from person to person.

If you are experiencing problems similar to toothaches, contact your dentist. By ensuring that your teeth, which need to be removed, is extracted, you can prevent damage to your other teeth and protect your oral and dental health.

What Are the Things to Pay Attention After Tooth Extraction?

A tampon is placed on the tooth extraction area to control bleeding. It is required to bite the tampon for 20-30 min. In addition, hot foods and drinks, alcohol-cigarettes and acidic drinks should be avoided for 24 hours. The night after the extraction, patient should rest his/her head on a high pillow during sleeping, and the medications prescribed by the doctor should be taken appropriately. After surgical removal, the formation of edema on the cheek may be observed. In order to minimize edema, it is necessary to apply cold ice for the first 24 hours after the procedure. After surgery is performed quickly and successfully, there is not much pain, and the pain can be easily controlled with mild painkillers.


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