Sinus Lift
Sinus Lift
Sinus Lift

In patients undergoing dental implant treatment, if the vertical distance required for the implant around the molar and premolar teeth in the upper jaw is not enough, a sinus lift operation is performed to increase bone height.

Thanks to this process, it is ensured that a sufficient volume is created for the length and width of the implant, which must be fully placed in the bone.

How Is a Sinus Lift Surgery Done?

Sinus lift (sinus graft, sinus augmentation) is a surgical intervention performed in a standard dentist's chair, usually under local anesthesia. The sinus region is lifted to the desired level and the doctor cuts a window to the sinus from the inside of the mouth which makes it accessible in this region.

After achieving the desired rate of elevation in the sinus membrane covering the inside of the sinus, bone powder and grafting are performed into the resulting window, then the area is sutured close.

 When Is The Implant Placed After The Sinus Lift Operation?

Depending on the condition of the existing bone, implants can be placed during the sinus lift operation or sinus lift can be performed first and implants can be placed 4-6 months later.

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