Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment
Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment refers to removing the damaged or infected pulp of the tooth, disinfecting and closing it with a filler to keep the tooth in the mouth.

The pulp can be damaged and infected due to trauma or if it is left untreated. In this case, it is necessary to remove unhealthy tissues. Unless this procedure is performed, infection can reach the surrounding tissues and progress to the jawbone. Hence, root canal treatment should be performed to prevent this condition. Fiber Post treatment may be preferred in cases where the substances around the tooth are destroyed and there is a hole in the tooth where canal treatment is planned to be performed.

Is Pain Felt During / After Canal Treatment?

During the root canal treatment, we anesthetize the tooth or area and make it numb. It is important that our patient does not feel any pain during treatment. After root canal treatment, there may be complaints of mild sensitivity, pain when pressure is applied on the tooth, but these complaints disappear after a brief period of time.

How Many Sessions Does Root Canal Treatment Take and What Is the Success Rate?

Root canal treatment can take one or two sessions depending on the condition of the tooth. When canal treatments are performed under ideal conditions, they have a 90% to 95% success rate.

For more detailed information about root canal treatment, you can visit our Endodontics page.

What is Fiber Post Procedure?

Fiber post application is the procedure performed after root canal treatment. This application is used in cases where there is a significant amount of substance loss in the tooth and the remaining tooth is not enough to apply the filling. It is preferred in cases where the substances around the tooth are destroyed and there is a hole in the tooth. If the tooth wall completely disappears, this application is used to restore the tooth to its former functions.

Since the fiber post procedure is performed after the root canal treatment, no pain is felt during fiber post application because local anesthesia is applied during the root canal treatment.

Which Patients Need Fiber Post Procedure?

Application of fiber post on teeth with excessive loss of substance is used to strengthen the teeth with excessive loss before the application of fillers or coating of full ceramic porcelain such as zirconium. Fiber post application can be performed if the patient has a healthy bone structure when only the root remains.

How to Apply Fiber Post?

Since fiber post applications are performed inside the root, root canal treatment must be performed beforehand. If the tooth wall has disappeared after canal treatment, but there are no problems with the tooth roots, in this case the application stage can be initiated. It is often preferred because the fiber post is very unlikely to break and it is easier to stick to the tooth.

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