Hollywood Smile
Hollywood Smile
Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile, also known as Smile esthetics, is a procedure that we recommend to our patients who want to have teeth like pearls. It is a popular treatment among patients since it creates an eye catching, bright, clean and healthy appearance without spaces between the teeth.

Firstly, the patient should be examined and his/her needs for an aesthetic smile should be determined. If there are caries or gum diseases, they should be treated. After these steps are completed, the procedures can be started so that our patient can have a Hollywood Smile. Thus, before the treatment, achieving harmony on the face, lips, teeth and gums is aimed in the design of Hollywood Smile.

In order to have a Hollywood Smile, firstly the smile design is digitally created to match patients' unique facial features, and then special operations consisting of several steps such as Teeth whitening, Porcelain Veneers and Implant treatment to achieve the prospective smile design are carried out. After these treatment systems, Hollywood Smile aesthetics is offered to our patients.

Hollywood Smile design allows you to achieve aesthetic, symmetrical, white and healthy teeth and gums. Thus, you can get a healthy smile and appearance for a long time without any worries that it will be stained. It will attract everyone's attention as well.

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