Gummy Smile Treatment
Gummy Smile Treatment
Gummy Smile Treatment

What is a Gummy Smile?

If upper gums are revealed more then they should be when talking or laughing, it is called a gummy smile. When a person has a gummy smile, it looks like the teeth and mouth are bigger than they actually are. Therefore, the person may have aesthetic concerns, they may be uncomfortable with the appearance of gums when smiling.

Gummy Smile Treatment Methods:

It is a problem which affects the smile and reveal gums exceedingly while smiling. However, treatment methods are available.

Treatment is performed by decreasing the muscle reaction which affects the smile. Following procedures are preferred in gummy smile that affects the smile and increases the need for an aesthetic intervention:

  • Crown Length Extension
  • Botox application.

After Gummy Smile treatment, the muscles, which pull the lip up, will not be able to move up too much and when the patient smiles gums will appear less.

How is the Gummy Smile Treatment Performed?

A Gummy Smile is a condition that can be treated with various methods. Basically, these methods can be divided into two categories: temporary and permanent. For the temporary method, often Gummy Smile Botox is used, while in the permanent method, operation of crown length extension is preferable. While deciding as to which method should be applied, the needs of the patient and the decision of the specialist dentist is important.

Topical anesthetic cream is applied on the area where Gummy Smile operation will be conducted to achieve topical numbing so usually patients do not feel pain. Injections are applied to the suitable points and two injection points are sufficient. This operation takes about 5-10 minutes, and patients can return to their daily life immediately after the operation. Patients may be called up for a checkup in 10-15 days.

Is Gummy Smile Treatment Painful?    

The pain level that patients will feel during Gummy Smile treatment is reduced to the lowest level. During the operation, ice is applied to the area. Furthermore, the pain that a patient will feel during the operation is minimized since thin needle syringes called ghosts are used.

What Should Patients Pay Attention to After Gummy Smile Treatment?

After gummy smile operation:

  • Water should not touch the operation region for the first 1-2 hours,
  • Cosmetic products should not be applied to the operation region for the first 1-2 hours,
  • The area where the injection was administered should not be massaged for the first 5 days,
  • Excessive alcohol use should be avoided since it causes blood vessels to dilate.

In addition, extremely hot water and steamy environments should be avoided. Gummy smile treatment should be administered by a specialist dentist.

What Happens If Gummy Smile Treatment Is Neglected?

If the gummy smile problem is not treated, the person is not only affected esthetically and psychologically, but they can also lose their oral health day by day. Also, the overall appearance of their smile may change. Therefore, if you have symptoms or suspicions, you must consult a specialist dentist.

How Is the Healing Process After Gummy Smile Treatment?

The healing process after the operation of Gummy Smile is completed immediately. Gummy Smile treatment is a painless procedure. After the procedure, patients can return to their work or daily routines.

Who Can Not Receive Gummy Smile Treatment?

Gummy Smile treatment with botox is not suitable for patients with muscle diseases, pregnant and lactating women, and patients with bleeding disorders. Other than above-mentioned categories, Gummy Smile treatment is suitable for everyone. Gummy Smile treatment can be administered to every patient with concerns of gummy smile.

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