Gingival Recession
Gingival Recession
Gingival Recession

If the support that surrounds the tooth is in the soft tissues part, we call it gingivitis. But if it has a slightly more receded form and has arrived on hard tissues, we call it periodontitis.

Gingival recession is the receding of the gum tissue surrounding the teeth, exposing the tooth or tooth root. Due to the gingival recession, the root surfaces remain exposed, and the teeth look almost elongated. The cause that leads to gingival recession may be inflammation, as well as improper brushing and similar unhealthy habits or developmental-anatomical irregularities. After the examination, the amount of gingival recession is evaluated with the underlying causes, and operations are planned to stop the progression of the recession and close the exposed root surface.

If gingival recession is not treated, it will progress. In case of progression, it can also result in tooth loss, as the soft and hard tissue support around the intact teeth are lost.

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