Digital Smile Design
Digital Smile Design
Digital Smile Design

Digital smile design is an aesthetic smile design created specifically for a person using digital technologies. Thanks to the smile design, it is possible to eliminate the problems that cause discomfort to patients and give them an aesthetically beautiful and healthy smile. Before proceeding to aesthetic solutions, a general oral and dental examination is performed to assess oral and dental health. A complete oral X-ray scanning of the patient (Panoramic X-ray) is performed to decide how to progress. In addition to its functional effects, the aesthetic expectations regarding digital smile design of our patients who apply to our clinic are quite high.

What are the Digital Smile Design Processes Like?

digital smile desing

If a comprehensive treatment is needed to eliminate aesthetic problems, necessary consultations are held with gingivitis and orthodontics specialists. A new smile is designed according to the structure of the face and lips and the expectations of the patient. A smile designed using oral measurements and models created in a laboratory environment can be shown to the patient. In addition, photos of former smile designs are also shown. Thus, the patient can see the first state of people who have experienced similar problems and the results obtained after the treatment. We are trying to create a clear smile design together with the observation analysis with patients, X-ray analysis and the analysis of the photographs taken from patients.

What Problems Does the Smile Design Eliminate?

  • Changes in tooth color that exist or occur later,
    * Teeth loss for several reasons,
    * Deformities of the gums,
    * Mismatches in tooth sizes,
    * Uncomfortable gaps between teeth,
    * Facial deformations,
    * Misalignment of teeth,
    * Fractured and cracked tooth.

How Long Does Digital Smile Design Process Take?

After the procedure, we transfer the desirable smile design to the patient in approximately 7 to 14 days. After the smile design we have obtained, our patients feel more confident and have a more aesthetic smile thanks to the digital smile design.

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