Clear Aligner
Clear Aligner
Clear Aligner

What is Clear Aligner Treatment?

A clear apparatus, or in other words, aligners, one of the methods of treatment without brackets and metal braces, is used to treat problems such as misaligned and crowded teeth and diastemata. It is a plastic aligner system shaped by heat that provides movement to the teeth by wrapping around the teeth with a clear aligner. Treatment of Clear Aligner is a different treatment method than metal or porcelain brackets and wires and elastics placed on top of them.

In the treatment of clear aligners, crowded teeth can be corrected with clear aligners that are not noticeable. Since the surface of the aligners is extremely smooth, it does not cause discomfort to patients' lips and the treatment process is ongoing without deteriorating the physical appearance of the patient.

The literature shows that clear aligners have been a treatment method that can be used effectively and with successful results for more than 20 years in orthodontic practice. This system ensures that patients' teeth are brought to the desired ideal position accurately and quickly by applying light pressure with the help of a plastic clear material that can be put on and removed by the patient. During the treatment process, the stages planned by the physician are applied in the mouth with clear aligners. It is possible for patients to see how the stages of treatment and the correction of their teeth will be at the end of treatment through three-dimensional images before the treatment starts.

How is clear Aligner Treatment Performed?

Patients' measurements are taken using three-dimensional digital scanners or silicone measuring materials, the simulation and adjustments of dental movements are designed digitally under the supervision of a physician, and aligners are prepared after the approval. The final version of the teeth is shown at the beginning of the treatment in a virtual environment in order to inform patients visually. Treatment of clear Aligners should be performed by an orthodontist. Each clear aligner should be used for 1 week or 10 days as determined by the doctor and then switched to the next aligner. This prevents clear aligners from getting stains and ensures a hygienic oral environment. 

What are the Advantages of Clear Aligner Treatment?

The biggest advantage of clear aligners, which patients can remove and put on themselves, is that they are transparent, so it is a highly preferrable aesthetic treatment method. Since patients have control to remove and put on clear aligners, they should pay attention to the duration of their use. Another advantage of aligner treatment is that patients can consume any food they want. In the classical method of brace treatment, patients cannot consume some of the foods they want, and they can barely eat specific foods. Because clear aligners are removable and easy to put on, there are no problems during mealtimes, and it is easier to clean the teeth after a meal.

Hard foods that are prohibited in routine orthodontic treatments can be consumed without problems during the clear aligner treatment process. It offers a comfortable and invisible treatment. It is rare that there are problems with speech and pronunciation when it is placed in the mouth. In contrast to routine orthodontic treatment, seeing patients once in eight weeks is suitable. Therefore, it requires fewer and less frequent checkups. For this reason, it is especially preferred by patients residing far away or abroad.

For Whom Is Clear Aligner Treatment Suitable?

The clear aligner treatment method may not be suitable for everyone. You should be examined by an orthodontist to find out if you are suitable for the treatment of malocclusion with clear aligners.

How Long Does Clear Aligner Treatment Take?

The usage duration of clear aligners varies from person to person. Clear aligners do not adversely affect the daily life of patients. It is easy to use, clean, put on and remove. Soft material is used for the manufacturing of aligners and does not cause discomfort to the teeth and gums as it does not contain metals. It is an orthodontic treatment suitable for all age groups.

Clear Aligner Treatment Cost

Clear aligner cost is determined according to the diagnosis and treatment planned by the dentist. In addition, clear aligner treatment is individualized for each patient.

Clear aligner treatment cost is determined according to several factors such as whether the treatment is only for one mandible, lower or upper mandible, tooth and jaw structure, the number of aligners to be used, equipment to be used during treatment and whether additional treatments are needed.

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