Arthrocentesis (Jaw Joint) Treatments
Arthrocentesis (Jaw Joint) Treatments
Arthrocentesis (Jaw Joint) Treatments

What is Arthrocentesis?


Arthrocentesis is a treatment method in which the jaw joint is washed with sterile liquid to treat patients with the jaw joint disorders. Symptoms such as pain during mouth opening and closing or chewing, noise from the joint, and tinnitus may be signs of jaw joint disorders. It is also known as (Temporomandibular Joint-TMJ) disorder.

What are the Symptoms of Jaw Joint Disorders?

In order to understand whether you have jaw joint discomfort, you should definitely be examined by an oral and maxillofacial surgeon. Symptoms of patients with jaw joint disorders usually include;

  • Grinding and clenching teeth.
  • Persistent pain in the neck, back and head.
  • Difficulties experienced while speaking.
  • Jaw snagging or locking of the mouth that prevents opening.
  • Feeling tiredness and pain in the jaw muscles in the morning.
  • Clicking sounds during jaw opening.
  • Difficulty chewing food while eating.
  • Pain when chewing, opening the mouth and yawning.

Symptoms do not always mean that jaw joint disease is present. It may also be a stress-related condition, but if it occurs together with other factors, it should be examined by an oral surgeon without wasting time.


How is Arthrocentesis (Jaw Joint Washing) Treatment Performed?

With the application of arthrocentesis, it is aimed to provide function to the jaw by sterilizing the area by removing the fluids accumulated in the joints of the patient by entering with the help of a needle from the upper region of the jawbone. Arthrocentesis is a surgical procedure that can be performed in 30-40 minutes under local anesthesia or conscious sedation anesthesia. Jaw joint treatments are applied by dentists oral and surgeons. Arthrocentesis is also known as Jaw Joint Washing treatment.

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