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What is PRF Treatment?

What is PRF Treatment?

Platelet-rich fibrin (PRF), one of the most frequently used applications in dentistry in recent years, is a biomaterial obtained by centrifuging the blood taken from the patient. When PRF is applied to the operation area, it increases the release of healing cells and growth factors that activate these cells during the healing period of the wound. Thus, the wound healing process accelerates and increases the success of the treatment by increasing new tissue formation.

In Which Oral-Dental Treatments Is PRF Applied?

If the patient has a systemic disease that will slow down the recovery after the procedure, if the defect in the bone or soft tissues is large and the tissues will take time to repair themselves, PRF application may be recommended.

It is applied for faster healing of the extraction cavity and wound area after tooth extraction.

It is applied to create sufficient bone level in implant surgery, sinus lift operation and bone graft applications. The acceptability of the bone graft and membrane mixed with PRF by the body increases and the success of the treatment increases.

It is used to protect open wound surfaces and accelerate healing in cyst operations.

It is used in the treatment of periodontal defects to eliminate bone loss around the teeth due to gingivitis.

It is used to cover the root surfaces exposed in gingival recessions with gingiva.

How is PRF Obtained?

In the PRF method, blood is taken from the patient during the treatment and the blood is centrifuged. With this process, the healing cells are separated and become a strong membrane. Meanwhile, the PRF obtained during the ongoing treatment can be used alone or mixed with bone grafts.

Are There Any Side Effects of PRF Application?

Since it is completely from the patient's own tissue, it has no side effects and is extremely reliable. Since the patient's own blood is used, there is no risk of infection, infectious disease or allergy.

What are the Advantages of PRF Applied?

It provides natural and easier healing of the treated area.

Since it contains healing and immune-boosting blood cells; It makes a great contribution especially to bone healing.

Since it is obtained from the patient's own blood, no side effects occur.


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