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How To Prevent Tooth Caries?

Tooth decay can often be seen as a black stain on the tooth surface. However, in some cases, patients themselves may not be able to see tooth decay. For this reason, you should see your dentist at regular intervals and if you feel the following symptoms.


odor in the mouth,
Pain in the teeth when consuming hot, cold foods, drinks and sugary foods,
Pain that continues with sensitivity,
Feeling pain during pressure-inducing movements such as chewing, biting,


Dental caries can be prevented by regular oral care and different methods. It is possible to have healthy teeth if you regularly apply oral care methods such as regular dentist examination, healthy diet, 2-3 minutes of brushing time at least twice a day, less consumption of sugary foods and use of dental floss.


Tooth enamel can be repaired with fluoride treatment if the caries is at a very early stage in patients who are detected to have dental caries at the time. In cases where this is not possible, dental caries are treated with dental fillings. Dental fillings are the most preferred treatment method. In fillings, which is a very short process, the decayed part of the tooth is completely scraped and filled with filling material. In more severe cases, dental caries is treated by placing a material called crown or dental crown on the remaining part after cleaning. Root canal treatment is applied if the bruises have deepened and reached the nerves. In this treatment, a canal is opened in the tooth and the decayed parts of the tooth as well as nerves and blood vessels are removed. If there is an infection, interventions are made and then the remaining space is filled with filling material.


If you also feel that you have tooth decay and you think about how to treat tooth decay, you should get examined by the dentist without wasting time. Thus, you can prevent tooth loss by treating the decay before it progresses.


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